Business mission in South Africa

From the 4th until the 10th May 2018, a business mission was held with representatives of the Association of Legal Persons in Johannesburg, South Africa. The business mission consisted of the following representatives:

  • Mr. Prodromos Siourdas – Representative of the Agricultural Cooperative of Mesi.
  • Mr. Vassilios Galanis– Representative of the Agricultural Cooperative “Neos Aliakmon”.

During their stay in South Africa, the representatives of the cooperatives had the opportunity to meet with wholesalers of the fresh fruit market and with their counterparts in Johannesburg after visiting the local fresh market. At the same time, they were given a guided tour at the offices of the R.S.A. Group, the largest importing group of companies, with distribution channels in the main cities of South Africa, and then they had business meetings with Kiwi King (a kiwi import company) and one of the owners, Mr John Rahme.

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