Thematic dinner in South Africa

A Thematic Dinner was held on Tuesday, May 8th, 2018 at the Cilantros Restaurant in Johannesburg, South Africa. Below are the names and titles of dinner companions:

  • Mr. Apostolos Michalopoulos – Consultant of the Bureau of Economic and Commercial Affairs, Johannesburg Bureau
  • Μr Robert Gray – CEO of the company of public relations  Livewired
  • Μr John Rahme – Managing Director of the company Kiwi King
  • Mrs Ricci Underpertinger – Sales Manager of the RSA Group
  • Mr. Beis Aristidis – Representative of Novacert
  • Mr. Siourdas Prodromos – Representative of the Agricultural Cooperative of Mesi
  • Mr. Galanis Vassilios – Representative of the Agricultural Cooperative “Neos Aliakmon”
  • Georgios Tzounopoulos / Representative of the Agriculture Cooperative of MELIKI

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